Chapter Two

“May we call on our birthday celebrant to give us a speech,” the emcee we hired said.

Unira flashes her dazzling smile and went to the stage.

The rain stops falling now but the cold breeze still lingers. We don’t bother anyway, it’s not enough reason for us to stop celebrating.

“I want to thank all of you for being here. This day is very special to me and with your presence, you just made it more special. I want to thank my friends who are always there to help me go through the day,” she smiled at us. “I want to thank Yukira, Yunho, Scarlet, Hikari and Teagan for organizing this, for making this magical, wonderful and just simply great. To my friend, Hikari who came up with this idea, thank you so much. You’re such a very good friend.”

“You’re welcome,” I mouthed.

The crowd claps at her speech. I can’t help but to look at Yunho who’s standing beside me. I’m the one here with him and yet his eyes are focused on her. Well, I can’t blame him. Unique Rachel is an ideal girl; deep brown eyes, pointed nose, naturally pink lips and her famous dazzling smile that I can’t have.

Everything that she is, isn’t me.

And that’s okay. I am me and I’m fine with that.

We all went back to what we are doing. Unira sits with us and our table was filled with laughter.

“That was so sweet, Unira! I think I’m going to cry,” Yukira dramatically exclaimed.

“Well, I’ll do anything for y’all to be happy the way you made me happy,” Unira smiled.

I excused myself to go to the comfort room. My stomach is bloated from all the foods I’ve eaten since the party begins.

Scarlet stood up and accompanies me. She said she needed to pee as well.

After fixing ourselves, we went back and noticed that the people were hyped. They’re playing some games for the guests to have a little entertainment.

I burst out laughing when I saw Yunho wearing a dress.

“What happened to you?” Scarlet laughs.

Instead of being pissed, Yunho laughs as well.

“I lost and this is my punishment. Don’t I look wonderful?” he twirls and it made us laugh even more.

This is one of the reasons why I like him. He’s so pure. Instead of being pissed because of his misfortune, he’ll just laugh at it.

The next game started and the guests settled back on their seats.

“Hikari! Let’s join!” Scarlet tugged me.

“Huh?” It was too late for me to react and decline. We’re already in front of the guests.

The emcee explained what the game will be, what the punishment is and the prize we’ll get if we win is still a mystery. He didn’t say what it was and I think it will be grand.

I gulped. Oh no, I hate this game.

I played this before with my friends in Japan. A guy friend of mine was badly injured and was sent to the hospital because of me. I didn’t mean to push him too hard! I’m also shocked at what happened and I’m sad because no one wants to play with me anymore after that incident. They all treat me like a deadly virus.

The game is Trip to Jerusalem.

Yes, I injured my friend because of this game.

They placed the ten chairs in a circle formation and they played a song. We all started circling around the chairs and when the music stopped, I immediately sat on the chair in front of me.

Scarlet frowned when she lost.

“Ugh! I never won this game!”

The game continued and I always find a seat to sit on. After some time, there’s only the three of us. My remaining rivals are both guys and they looked like they’re spending most of their time at the gym, lifting ten kilos of weight on each hand.

“Oh my gosh, Hikari! Surrender or you’ll be sent to the hospital!” Yukira yelled.

“Oh no, she won’t! She’s the one who’ll be sending them to the hospital!” Scarlet cheered.

I gave them a thumbs-up to tell them I’m fine.

Once the music stopped, I sat on the chair in front of me and watched the guys wrestle each other. The easy and supposed to be fun game suddenly became intense.

“Woah! Punch him!” someone from the crowd shouted.


“Hey, that’s not allowed! This game is just for fun! We don’t want to injure someone!” the emcee reminds them.

I am sitting at the chair, legs-crossed, waiting for them to finish.

Good thing the other one just surrendered after a few minutes. No one was harmed, they’re both fine.

I stood up and starts circling around the remaining chair.

“Go, Hikari!” Yunho cheered.

I blushed. He just gave me a reason to win.

I was about to sit on the chair when the music stopped but the guy pulled both of my arms. I looked at him and he smirks at me.

“You think you’ll win this game, little girl?”

I rolled my eyes at him. “I’m not a little girl.”

I tried freeing myself from his grasp but he’s tough. I remembered what my father taught me before. I am a black-belt Taekwondo player before and I can still remember every lesson I’ve learned.

“You’re tough for a lady,” he commented when I freed myself from him.

He held both of my shoulders and it’s tighter than earlier. He chuckled and I got pissed. I know he’s making fun of me. He’s making this round longer so that if I lose, it’ll be embarrassing but I won’t give him that satisfaction.

He may be a strong guy but I’m a woman, it’s enough reason for me to beat him.

I kicked his balls and he fell on the ground. Well, it’s just fair, he’s pissing me off, big time. I heard the people gasped at what I did.

I walked like a princess towards the chair but he catches my feet. I fell on the ground, face first. The dirt was on my face and it gross me out a little.

“Aw! That hurts!”

“What you did to me was more painful!” the guys said, furious.

I bit my lower lip. I’m trying so hard not to laugh but I can’t help it! I bursts out laughing because of him.

“What’s so funny about this? You really want me to break your bones? I don’t care if you’re a girl.”

“Shush, mister. I didn’t even notice that you’re a crybaby! Looks could really fool you, huh?”

I kicked his face, stood up and sat on the chair. Claps and cheers emerged from the crowd and my friends came running to me.

“You’re so good!” Scarlet said while jumping up and down.

“I don’t know if I can win against you,” Yunho grinned widely.

“Let’s try sometimes.”

The emcee praised me for what I did and calls the guards to keep the guy from getting close to me. He’s really pissed.

“Who’s that guy? Who invited him, anyway?” I asked Unira while wiping my face with wet wipes that Scarlet gave me.

“My classmate’s brother. She just showed up with her brother and I didn’t have a choice but to let them in. Her parents didn’t allow her to go alone.”

I nod my head. That’s why he’s not familiar.

“And the prize for that very intense game is… a whole strawberry cake with whole strawberries on top, drizzled with dark chocolate syrup!”

My mouth started to drool.…goodness…

Did he just say… Strawberry Cake?!

“Oh my gosh! I’ve been looking everywhere to buy some but it’s always unavailable!”

When I get my hands on the cake, I smiled widely. “The game was worth it!”

I get a fork from the kitchen and went back to my seat. The rest of the party goes on while I’m still sitting, eating the whole strawberry cake.

Hmm! It tastes so good!

After some time…

“That’s what you get from eating that cake all by yourself in just a few minutes!” Yukira scolded me.

“Is it my fault that it’s so good?” I said while I’m still at the comfort room, launching a bomb.

“Ugh! It’s your fault you didn’t control yourself! I’ll just leave this tissue outside. I need to clean the garden.”

After eating the whole cake earlier, I went straight here. I can feel my stomach bulging from all those cake. I think I’m gonna be here for a few more hours.

But nonetheless, I still love strawberry cake and I’m willing to eat a whole cake again.

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