55- How I Feel...

Amanda's POV;

I am swaying gently to the music playing in the hall while watching couples dance lovingly to the slow music on the dance floor.

I put another shrimp in my mouth, and chew gently with my eyes closed. I've been craving shrimps for quite a while now and finally been able to eat it feels like heaven on earth.

I open my eyes when I hear someone clear their throat, and my gaze lands on a good-looking man standing before me.

His brown hair has been gelled back and his emerald green eyes are sparkling with energy and life.

"Came alone? "He questions and I smile.

"Not exactly. "I reply honestly and he raises a brow.

"Then... Where's your date? "He questions. Looking around for my date, and I smile.

I point down at my round tummy with both of my index fingers and reply to him.

"I actually came with two dates. "I say, and his lips form an 'o' shape.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. "He replies apologetically, and I laugh it

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