3 -Don't Give Room For Weeds To Grow

Damon's POV;

Flash Back__

"What would you do if I go off with some other woman, to another country, and begin a family with her? "I question, and Alex laughs.

She crawls up to me from behind and hangs both her hands on my shoulders. She brings her lips close to my left ear, and answers.

"I'd hunt you down, tie her in a bag, throw her into some river, and drag you back here by your balls. "She replies and I laugh.

" Really? "I question.

" Yes really. You're mine. You have no choice but to be mine. we're married, remember? "She replies, and I raise a brow.

I turn around sharply, grab her waist, and pull her before me. Causing her to fall on my lap, facing me.

"I don't have a choice? "I question mischievously.

"Yup. Till death do us part. "She replies, and I laugh.

______End Of Flash Back_____

it's the second day after losing the case in court. I'm before the mirror of my room, staring blankly at my reflection.

A few months ago, I used to steal sneak peeks of my wife through this mirror. She used to sleep soundly on the bed behind me.

Now it's empty. The ruffled bedspread, missing the feel of her tender body.

I'm pulled out of my head, by the sound of my phone ringing. I pick it up and find a call from my assistant. Ava.

"Hello, "I say dryly into the phone, on accepting the call.

"Good morning, sir. I called to inform you that you forgot the files containing the half-done presentation for your meeting tomorrow, in the office. "She informs, and I rub my forehead with my palm in exhaustion.

How could I be so forgetful? I don't want to go to the office today.

"Yes, that's true. Uhm... "I begin. Trying to find a way around going to the office.

" I could bring it to your house. If... You don't mind. "She adds, and my brows crease for a short second. I didn't think she'd want to bring it, but, plus to me. I get to stay home.

"Yeah, sure. See you soon. "I reply, and there's an awkward pause from her side.

"Sure, sir. Have a nice day. "She says, and I end the call.

I look down at the dressing table before me and find a lipstick. Alex's lipstick. I stare at it for a little while, and then pick it up and toss it into the trash can under the dressing table.

Third Person's Narrative;

Mrs. Hudson, Damon's mother, is on her way out of the house. She's at the top of the stairs, about to climb down, when she bumps into Ava.

Her son's assistant.

"Mrs... Mrs. Hudson, good morning. "The petite blonde greets, and Mrs. Hudson stares blankly at her.

"What are you doing here? "She questions and Ava displays her ever radiant smile.

"Sir, asked me to bring something over. "She replies, and Mrs. Hudson sizes her up with her eyes.

"Whatever that something is, for your sake, should be official. "Mrs. Hudson warns coldly, and Ava gulps in fear and confusion.

"Y... Yes, ma'am. "She replies in fright and hurries to the room Damon had instructed her to, a few minutes ago, when she called.

Ava knows that Mrs. Hudson for some reason doesn't like her. It bothers her a lot and equally confuses her. She constantly prays her boss's mother's distaste for her, will not cause her to lose her job or dreams.

She soon makes it to Damon's room and knocks timidly on the door. She's never been to this house before, and this is her first time in the exquisite mansion. Simple, but elegant.

Damon soon opens the door, and she steps in. Her heart beating out of line. Damon escorts her to the living room like part of his room, which is separated from his bedroom, by glass doors.

He shuts the door behind them, and they get straight to work. Damon is a principled man who appears strict to outsiders, but those who are close to him know he's a jolly character.

He's been put through a lot in the past few months, and his jolly side seems to have gone on a sabbatical.


Mrs. Hudson is before Alex's house, ringing the doorbell.

"Coming! "Alex calls from inside, she checks through the peephole and freezes when she sees Mrs. Hudson. She takes a few seconds to calm her nerves, before opening the door.

Mrs. Hudson greets her with a warm smile, and Alex replies with a nervous one while stepping aside for her to come in.

Alex welcomes Mrs. Hudson like her mother, and Mrs. Hudson takes her sit and makes herself at home.

She makes Alex comfortable with sweet words, and they begin discussing random things like her son is not about to break up with Alex.

Alex has long forgotten the tension of talking to her soon to be ex-husband's mother when Mrs. Hudson says;

"He's not happy without you. "

Alex's smile dissolves, as she knows full well Mrs. Hudson is talking about Damon.

Mrs. Hudson sees the look on Alex's face, and she takes the silence as a cue to continue.

"Are you happy with this divorce? "She questions and Alex inhales deeply. She searches her mind for the answer to this question, and once she finds the answer does not please her, she gives the answer she sees is best.

"It gives me peace. "She replies blandly, and Mrs. Hudson raises a brow.

" Really? "She questions, and Alex nods. Looking away.

"Listen, Alex, I love you a lot like you're my daughter. Ever since you tied the knot with my son, I've seen you as the daughter I never had.

So, I can't sit back and watch both my children ruin their happiness for things I know not. "Mrs. Hudson says, and she rises to her feet.

Alex escorts her to the door, and once out, Mrs. Hudson turns around to say something.

"I'd always look out for the ones I love, and whatever, I do for them, I do in their best interest. Like when I inform you that I hope the relationship you're trying to break, will not give room to the weeds trying to bloom. "She says, and Alex is confused as the gentlewoman walks away. However, her confusion is but a moment, as she realizes a possible translation of what Mrs. Hudson just said.

Is there someone trying to get close to Damon?

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