Part 8

Kiyara's POV

As soon as I entered the office I saw a huge classy black table and a black chair. Of course it was smaller than Aarav's desk but still it was beautiful. Then I met the girl named Payal. She was very beautiful. And little bit tan but having brown hair ending just at the middle of her back makes her stood out completely.

"Hey" I asked her with a smile

“Hello ma’am!" she replied with an innocent smile. I can tell she is a good person.

“Call me Kiyara. We are of same age actually.” I told her and she replied with a small ok.

“Kiyara today we have a meeting with our designers and then another meeting with all department heads." She informed me.

“Ohk. Payal I am working for an extra hour so all the designs that I have to check, place them on my desk before you leave." I told her with a smile but she was confused.

“I can stay with you Kiyara” she offered like that

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