Part 26

Kiyara's POV

 It’s next day morning. Yesterday was hell tiring. Lav , Maa , Aarav, Payal , Akash everyone was there... For me they were my family.

I am scared now of losing them. Yes I am scared. Someone tried to kill me. I know I acted all calm for so long but now after watching my family I got scared. Why? What if who ever is after me manages to kill me actually or worst harm Aarav...Aarav...last two days he was looking like a worried ghost. I can't believe he also called for detective..Aman bro...he is really nice. He looks tough but I know he is nice inside. He is really like my brother and I know he feels the same way.

Aarav came inside suddenly... He was looking tired. Hell still he is sexy. He came closer to me and set beside me. I know if I die ever...he is the one whom I am going to miss the most. Hell the thought of leaving him made my eyes tear up but I again tried to be strong.

"Kiyara....don't" he suddenly said and

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