It had been years since there was ever an issue within the society the five families lived.

There had been order where peaceful meetings were conducted to strive towards maintaining some form of corporation but unfortunately nothing lasts forever. All it took was a gang whose members each had a snake tattoo on their arm as a sign of allegiance to a man named Lucien Volatelli to distort the very system that had kept the bosses and their members alive.

There were times when issues arose where others had once tried to take more violent measures when they weren't happy with the outcome in those meetings. But before things ever escalated they were killed and turned into a warning to others trying to get too big for their shoes.

Lucien's gang seemed to care less about the rules that existed by going so far as to approach the legitimate businesses that existed and were owned by Sonny's family. Nor was he scared to use any form of manpower he could. No doubt he was dangerous and once it cam
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Melissa Wilson
Damn!!! Shits about to get real!!

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