We are unable to save her

Before Alexander could reach Catherine Davison, the chandelier fell on her.

It totally crashed on her. Blood from her body flowed on the floor. Seeing her beloved daughter on the blood flood made her mother to faint. Sophie and Emma caught her before she could hit the floor.

Alexander tried to get close to Catherine, but he was stopped by Timothy, "Don't touch her. It might hurt her even more. We don't know where the glasses pierced her. I have already called the ambulance, they are couple of minutes away" Timothy said in a shaking voice.

Being a doctor he was used to seeing the blood, but this time it was his baby sister’s blood whom he loved very much. Carefully he checked whether she is breathing or not.

He sighed in relief when he felt the faint breath on his finger.

Mr.Davison was circling around Catherine, crying her name aloud. Maria came after hearing the commotion. She almost screamed and fell down by seeing Catherine, "Cathy, w-what happened to her"

Sophie assured Mrs.Davison to Emma and went to Maria. After all Maria knew Catherine before than her, it must be hurting her as well. Mrs.Wilson was trying to calm herself seeing Catherine in a horrible incident.

Soon the ambulance came and carefully placed Catherine inside. As a Doctor, Timothy went with Catherine and he told Alexander to take others to the hospital which the latter obeyed.

On the other side, Devin Miles tried to contact Katherine to meet her tomorrow for shopping which they already planned. But he didn't get any reply from her. He somewhat felt uneasy in his heart. So Devin Miles quickly grabbed his Jacket and his car keys to meet Katherine in her house.

When he reached the house it was not locked. He was scared at first, because he thought a thief might be broken in. When he entered inside he sighed in relief seeing all the things were neatly arranged.

"You idiot why didn't you locked the door. Here I thought something happened to you" he said as he went to Katherine’s bedroom thinking she must be asleep. But it was empty, he looked around and saw the bathroom room door was opened revealing only her right hand.

"I can't believe you slept on the fl-" as he went inside he saw Katherine was in a pool of blood. Devin Miles saw the cut on her left wrist.

"Oh My God! Katherine what have you done" with a trembling hands he held out his phone from his pocket and called an ambulance.

Devin Miles tried to wake his friend by slapping her face, "Please wake up. Please, please don't die on me. Please" he was crying aloud.

Ambulance came and took Katherine Flynn to the hospital. Currently Katherine's parents were not in the country, so Devin Miles called his parents over to help. After all they treat Katherine as their own daughter.

The two ambulance almost arrived at the same time. The couple of doctors rushed and took Catherine and Katherine inside.

"Two Unconscious patients are coming in. One is accident and other one is suicide attempt" nurses voices attracted everyone in the hallways.

People around inside felt bad for the particular young girl, because by the way she dressed she must be looking beautiful, but by seeing the blood all over the body with glass pieces made them to pity her.

Each doctors were checking their patients respectively.

"She lost most of the blood and there are glass pieces stuck near her heart. We need to operate on her immediately. Nurse get ready for the operation. Call the Cardiology department doctor. Inform him to come right now" the Doctor who checked Catherine shouted.

"Doctor her oxygen level is dropping" the nurse said. Catherine's oxygen level slowly reduced from 80 to 70 then 70 to 60. Nurse started to squeeze the ambu, while the doctor inserted the tube inside her mouth. "Her condition his too bad. We need to leave now, or else we will lose her"

By hearing this Mr. Davison started to panick. "Don't worry dad, she will be alright" Timothy assured his father.

"First aid was already done in the ambulance. Her pulse is too week. She lost lot of blood. She seemed difficulty in breathing" the nurse explained to the doctor. Doctor lifted the young lady shirt but stopped and he gasped aloud "What the hell is this?" There was a lot of fresh bruise marks on her stomach.

Devin Miles was confused upon seeing the bruise on her before the door was closed. It's been a couple of month that she had bruises like that, because they graduated couples of month ago. So there's no way she could have met them.

But now, "Don't tell me she met them again". He clasped his mouth with his hands.

"Its pneumothorax doctor" one nurse said. "Yes, give me a needle with syringe" The doctor extended his hands towards the nurse. She handed him the syringe. He carefully inserted the needle attached to the syringe to the chest cavity to remove the air. When he done, still the young lady seemed to be in danger.

"Prepare the operation theater immediately or else we might lost her. Now" he said as he put oxygen mask on Katherine and pushed the stretcher towards the operation room.

Both the doctors were waiting for the elevator to come down. They have to go to the fourth floor. Once it came down, they pushed Catherine and Katherine stretcher inside alone with the doctors and nurses. The nurse asked the family members to take another one, because there is a two emergency patient inside the elevator. The lift started to move.

Meanwhile Katherine slowly opened her eyes as Catherine opened her eyes as well. They were breathing slowly by stared into each other.

Catherine was the first one to close her eyes. Despite in the situation Katherine looked at Catherine's bloody face. It was filled with bloods and scars. Katherine slowly tried to reach her hand to touch Catherine.

Katherine was just few inches apart to touch her hand, suddenly the elevator stopped. The nurse rush them out to the operation room making Katherine's fingertip to brush Catherine's fingertip.

Soon the doctor started to do the operation for Catherine. Outside her family was waiting. Her mother regained her conscious and praying all the god around the world to help her daughter.

Devin Miles was growing impatient to his parents yet to be arrived as the nurse handed him the patient consent form to be signed.

"Can I sign the form?" he asked her. "No, the adult sign is needed" the nurse replied. He was panicked by the situation, because just a second before his Dad called him and informed that it will take twenty minutes more to reach the hospital.

"Boy, there is no time. Call the adults. We need to get the sign immediately to start the operation" the nurse said in a worried tone. She doesn't want to scare the poor boy, but she has to follow the procedure.

Seeing the young boy panicked face, Timothy Davison went to the nurse, "I will sign the form. I am a doctor as well. Just think her as my sister" he said and signed the form his eyes landed on the patient name ‘Katherine Flynn’.

Her name is similar to his sister except a single letter.

Devin Miles was never been grateful for anyone in his life as much he feel now. "T-thank y-you" he choked on his tears.

"Don't worry, she will be alright" Timothy pats Devin Miles head and went over to his family.

Few minutes later, Devin Miles parents arrived. As soon as he saw them he rushed and hugged them. "Mom, It's my f-fault. I failed to be there for h-her" he cried in her arms.

"No dear, don't cry. Our Katherine is a strong girl. She will be alright" his Mom assured him. "We already informed her parents, they will be arriving tomorrow" his Dad said.

"Why are they not here when she needed them most? Why they left her alone? If they at least cared for her a bit she wouldn't have been bullied like this and decided to end her life. Why they didn't care for her" Devin Miles crying voice echoed the hallway which caught the attention of Catherine's family.

"Shh, Shh don't cry baby" his mom tried to calm him down.

After four hours of operation, one of the patient doctor came out. Both of the family rushed to them.

"We are sorry. We tried our best, but we are unable to save her"

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