"Atleast, let's go home first" Neil said, directly looking into my eyes.

I understood that it was something only we should know and which is why we should be somewhere more private so I just nodded and took a deep breath. He stood up then and walked to the side table. He poured a glass of water and gave it to me. I shook my head, refusing to have it.

"Just have it, okay?" He said sternly.

Without any further silent argument, I took the glass from his grip and gulped the whole glass in one go. Neil took the glass back from me and placed on the table. 

"I'll be back in sometime, be attentive" He said as he turned around and walked out of the room, leaving me behind with my thoughts.

The only thing in my mind was the face of that man, his voice, his smile, everything was so similar to what my father had. Thinking about these things, my eyes again filled with tears but this time I didn't let them come out of my eyes. Instead I shrugged off the tho

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