Chapter 17. Different woman

Dion came down first with his perfect and elegant demeanor, the flashes of the cameras were already shooting at him and waiting for the beautiful lady that always followed him. However, something was different this time, he had spent more time in the car and he seemed a bit unkempt.

One side of his hair was not arranged properly and from the corner of his face, there was a slight stain... a red stain...

"Do you see that?"


"That is... is it lipstick?!"

"Oh my!"

The crowd was making noise for the young lady that will follow the man, her beautiful hand and then a slender arm came to the view as her gorgeous pair of feet came to the view. However, the woman that they were expecting was not there, instead, a rare beauty, almost breathtaking took Dion's hand and walked forward.

"Who... who is that?"

"Oh my... she is so beautiful. Is she an actress?"

"No, I don't think so, with that face, I would have recognized her."

"But... who
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