Chapter 6. Wedding Night

He kissed her so much that it was hard to breathe. He had always wanted her, only she, for years, but she never noticed. Not only that, but he had always thought she ignored him on purpose.

He moved down to her breasts and lower taking off her panties and digging his mouth inside making her scream in delight. She didn't fight him.

"No… stop…. Ahh!" He didn't stop as her moans lured him to continue even more.

Then he stood up while looking at her mouth panting breathless, her black, soft hair was sprawled on the white couch and some drops of sweat were covering her forehead.

He waited for her to calm a bit until their eyes were fixed on each other. There was a question hidden in his eyes, maybe more than a question, but a plea.

She nodded and let him continue. It was not only him who felt as if the desire they had accumulated in their hearts was overflowing. There was only an explosion waiting to erupt and set them free.

"Dion..." she w
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