Chapter 41

I’ve been feeling anxious the whole time I stepped inside Juno’s apartment. There’s this tiny gut feeling inside me like I forgot something so important. I was sure Juno has been watching me murmur to myself the whole time; and I’m certain she thinks I was complaining about doing the dishes.

My head cocked in bafflement as I tried to remember everything I’ve done today. Meetings, reviewing of project proposals, cancellation of appointment and site visit… which I’m sure are nothing important.

The doorbell rang and I expected it would be my laptop. And just as I heard the chiming sound, it lit up a bulb inside my head. Oh, shit! I remember now! I have a meeting with Mr. Alonzo which I unfortunately canceled! It was hard to book an appointment with him since he’s a huge businessman in our field. Always busy and in-demand, which makes it hard to reach out to him.

My father has been eyeing him for a long

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