Chapter 53

(Remains on the female lead’s point of view)

I was shaking in anger and fear while dragging myself back inside my apartment. Eugene was long gone but I remained there on my door step for God knows how long. I threw myself on the couch, breathing hard as I couldn’t believe what just happened.

Did that asshole really came here to send an indirect threat? He's mad and obsessed! He needs help!

Pickle hopped on the couch and snuggled to me, purring so loud. My chest was moving up and down so I run my fingers along her shiny fur, trying to calm myself down. When I’m sure I’m finally okay, I got up from the couch and run to my bedroom to look for my phone.

I called Jupiter but even after the third missed call, nobody was picking up! I began panicking because of it. He’s not usually taking too long to answer! Did something bad happened?

I couldn’t thin

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