Chapter 66

“Betty right now is the last time I can dream about what happens when you see my face again,” I grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the soap rack as I dramatically sang the bridge part of the song under the shower rain head. “The only thing I wanna do, is make it up to you…”

My head was covered with thick foam from the shampoo which was slowly leaking to my face and body because of the running water above my head. And when I got into the most dramatic part of the song, at least for me, I couldn’t help but open my eyes to pour out my emotions.

“So I showed up at your- ouch!” I shrieked out loud when the shampoo got into my eyes. My poor fucking eyes. And who do I blame for this? “This is all your fucking fault, Juno Larissa! I hate you! You freaking witch!” I screamed, rinsing my face to remove aggressively to diminish the sting in my eyes.

I was grumpy and frowning so bad when I got out of

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Che Che
I f***ing Love Jupiter ......️ I'm straight woman but im seriously into a gay man

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