Chapter 95

JUPITER'S point of view

"Unfortunately, the phone was already untraceable when we checked on our system. But since you were able to identify the car and its plate number, it's possible to track down their destination," the police reported to us.

My spirit slightly increased upon hearing the news. A policeman handed us a tablet to show a quick clip of a camera footage where the car has been spotted.

"They were last seen heading this way and we already gave a call in the nearest police station of this place."

I nodded, my hope was getting high with every update and information they were telling us.

"We're sending three of our men to this location. Are you two coming?"

Venus and I nodded quickly when asked. We didn't waste any more time. With each passing second, we're risking my girlfriend's life. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something bad happens to her.

If only I was there to pick her up this morning, this wouldn't have happened.

Venus caresse
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