Chapter 104

JUNO'S point of view

I stretched my limbs and searched for Jupiter beside me. When my palm met the empty mattress on my side, my eyes quickly fluttered open. Where is that man again?!

I yawned out loud before sitting up on the bed. I slept in his condo to grant his personal request. When I looked around the bedroom, I rolled my eyes when I saw his used clothes scattered on the floor.

He must've gone to work really early 'cause it's just seven in the morning based on the wall clock across me!

I looked at the bedside table, expecting a hand written note from him but found nothing in there. I assumed he must have placed them on the fridge or near my food.

However, my expectations were met by disappointments when none of those things are around the kitchen. No hand written letter. No food on the table.

I groaned out loud and pushed the wheelchair towards the coffee maker. I bet that man didn't even eat or had his coffee before going out. I'm disa
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Che Che
can we have a little more kiss from this couple,. not forehead kiss

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