Chapter 111

JUNO'S point of view

Jupiter parked the car in front of a gasoline station for a quick bathroom break. Nobody was inside the female toilet so Venus and I have it to ourselves.


I looked at her curiously when she sauntered closely to me and leaned in to my ear.

"Have you two did the dirty?" She asked and my eyes widened as I leaned away from her. I felt my ears and cheeks burning from her question.

"W-why would you ask that?!" I felt harassed and scandalized for a moment.

Venus burst out laughing before walking towards the hand drier. She turned to me and smirked knowingly.

"Are you blushing 'cause you've done it or because you're still an innocent fuck?"

I shook my head and rolled my eyes at her. "My God. Stop asking about our sex life."

Venus gasped dramatically. "Oh my! So you've done it? You have a sex life?! How was it? I bet my brother is very stiff and boring in bed."

My face reddened even more. I could literally
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