Chapter 127

JUNO'S point of view

After our joyful lunch by the seaside, we slept through the whole afternoon. It was nearly six in the evening when a knock woken me up from my deep slumber.

I yawned drowsily, pulling my body out of Jupiter's warm embrace. I stretched shortly before swinging my leg off the bed.

"Coming!" I said as the knocking continued. Jupiter stirred on his sleep as his arm and eyes immediately searched for me.

I chuckled as I walked towards the door, reaching for the doorknob. Matilda's face greeted me and she quickly flashed me an apologetic face upon seeing my newly woke up puffy eyes.

"I'm sorry for disturbing your sleep, dear. I came here to invite the two of your for dinner. Would you like to join me and Gerard on the backyard?"

"Oh!" I exclaimed, smiling in excitement. "No problem, Matilda. Of course, Jupiter and I will be there in five. Please give us a minute to prepare."

"I'm glad to hear that! I'll see you two downstairs."
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