Chapter 129

JUNO'S point of view

We got back inside our room and decided to take turns on the bathroom for a shower. It's still pretty early and I don't think I'd fell asleep for the next three hours.

While Jupiter was in the bathroom, I decided to rummage in the drawers and check if the small television mounted in front of the bed is working.

Thankfully, we're lucky 'cause it is working just fine. I also found some CDs inside the drawers and I silently squealed in excitement when I realized they were horror films!

I love watching horror films but only if I have a company. I'll put this in the DVD player later once I'm done taking a bath.

"What are you so excited for?" Jupiter stepped out of the bathroom with only his boxers on. He was drying his soaked hair using a white towel while raising a brow at me.

I smiled and showed him the CD films I have found. "Let's watch later! I'm just gonna take a shower."

"Hmm..." he walked towards me and crouched dow
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