Chapter 148

Third Person's point of view

The wind by the beach side blew harder which added more fuel to the fire. Jupiter's heart hammered loudly against his chest as he felt the threatening tears peeking through the sides of his eyes.

He tried to dial his girlfriend's number once again but this time, it was sent to voicemail. Unlike earlier where it was still ringing.

"Please! Let me in. My girlfriend is inside. Please! I need to help her out," he almost begged to the firemen circling the beach house's perimeter.

"Sir, please. Step to the side. We are not allowed to let you in unless the fire is completely out. Let us do everything that we can to stop this fire."

He glared at the man in uniform. "And what, huh?! Let my girlfriend suffocate to death? Or... or let her d-die into ashes? Nobody is doing anything to save her! All of you are fucking cowards!"

"Jupiter," a hand pulled him by the shoulder. "Calm down, dude. They're planning to get inside but the fire's growing bigger. They need to me
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