STBS: chap 12


To say that I was stunned hearing him stand up for me was an understatement. And the way he did it, I'm not sure if I should feel scared or laugh about it.

He sounds so serious and scary! Not a single ounce of amusement can be trace on his voice.

The three girls eyed us back, totally bewildered how Sirius just insulted them just now. The blonde girl in between the two other brunettes stepped forward and glared at him. She had her arms crossed against her chest, eyebrows cocked while trying her best to look tough in front of Sirius.

"Excuse me? Who even are you? Can you just mind your own business?"

Sirius laughed humorlessly. "Mind my own business, huh? I suggest you take that advice to yourselves. You and your dumb friends are literally out here talking about someone who don't even know your dumbasses."

Well now I know them...

"And so what? Are you one of her fan?" They laughed in unison. "Your idol is so pathetic. I'm sure her career won't ever recover again after this issue.
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