STBS: chap 13

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Although my head was already spinning from the multiple rides we've tried today, I kept it to myself and let her pull me wherever ride her heart desired to experience.

We're only down to two more rides and I couldn't help but utter a few silent prayers as the roaler coaster patiently awaits for us. Astra definitely reserved it for our last ride.

I gulped the last drop of soda in my can before quickly wearing back my mask. We literally had to find a less crowded and darker place where park goers won't find us so we can enjoy our dinner meal.

"I couldn't properly see anymore with this shades," she complained before taking a big bite off her hotdog sandwich. "We're about to go home anyway after we're done with the roller coaster."

My brow arched a bit. "What about the ferris wheel?"

"Nah, it's corny and lame!" She shook h
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