STBS: chap 19


Sighing, I stepped back in defeat and motioned for her to come inside with me. I would gladly tell her about whatever happened that day instead of letting her find out everything on the internet. I wouldn't allow that!

For sure, any article or post she would come across the internet have been revised a thousand times to villainize me more! And besides, I wouldn't want to risk her mental health right now. I could clearly see how she's slowly recovering from the mess that she's been a few weeks ago. Putting her on the internet again would risk everything!

"I'll tell you what happened, Astra. Everything. In one condition," my eyes squinted strictly at her. "Delete the app and never open it again. We both know exposing you on the internet isn't really good for you."

She sighed shortly and nodded to my request. "Fine. I just got... really curious. But if you're not ready to talk about it, I understand. I just want to have an idea or a single clue on how and why are you this free?"

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