STBS: chap 20

SIRIUS (part 2)

The video she filmed immediately circulated around the internet. And my chance to clear her accusations lessened because on that particular day, as if everything was planned out, the surveilance camera of the lift was broken.

To make it worse, there were also stupid threads online, which is obviously made up by a hater, that garnered so much interactions and attentions after that woman accused me of stupid things! It's been posted for days but only resurfaced as if to support the woman's claims agaisnt me.

And now... the whole world thinks I am a sexual predator. That I'm harrasing beautiful women for pictures and autograph. I wanted to puke and scream! I am fucking gay! I could never be attracted to women! Fuck it!

It once crossed my mind to just confessed and come out of the closet, thinking it would somehow solve everything. But Johnny strictly told me it would only make everything worse.

I was investigated. And during those times, I knew back then that the investi
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