STBS: chap 32



My lips pursed tightly, trying to stifle my smile as I browse through the photos I took of Astra inside the car. She looks cute and charming! And that’s all thanks to me. I know all of her best angles so I’m taking all of the credits, even when I know she’ll be cursing me non stop once she find out all of these thoughts in my head.

I keep away the camera and and stepped up in line, facing the all smiles cashier that is waiting for my order.

“Good day, Sir! What can I get you for today?”

“Well, uh…” I stared at the menu for a few minutes and contemplate which ones would Astra want for lunch. She’s not a picky eater so I guess a fried chicken would do, right? “I’d have the fried chicken meal and the pepper steak. Also, two cups of mashed potatoes and two slices of apple pie.”

“Great!” the woman recited my order for confirmation and I nodded when I heard the right meal. “That’ll be twenty one bucks in total.”

I stash my hand inside the pockets of my jeans and froze when I could
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