STBS: chap 37


I put down my phone and looked up at the woman finally calling for our flight. Then my eyes darted to the girl sitting just beside me. I’m sure she didn’t hear it as there’s a large headphone covering her ears. She was even banging her head gently and I could slightly hear the pop rock music blasting out of it despite the airport noise.

It’s fucking four-thirty in the morning! Jesus!

I slightly nudged her before I rose up from my seat, quickly grabbing my things. Her head shot up to me questioningly and I wordlessly motioned to her that our flight’s finally been called. Her lips slightly pursed before she tapped something on her phone and took off her headphones.

“I’m sitting beside the window, okay?” she announced as we walked our way to the plane.

I glared at her hardly. “What? No! You had the window to yourself on our way to London. I will have it this time.”

“Ugh! Fine. But I’ll have it again to our next destination, alright?”


We finally settled in as the cabin
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