STBS: chap 61


I didn't expect I'd click easily with Johnny. We were civil to one another in past encounters during grand carpet events. Although, he wasn't exactly warm and friendly to me, he was cold and only say calculated words beside Sirius.

But now, I couldn't believe we were practically squealing at each other's faces and talking shit about the artist he's managing. I could Sirius' hard glare from across us. Looks like he isn't enjoying this mini night gathering he's hosting.

I cast him a glance and winked playfully, to which he just responded with a roll of eyes before focusing his eyes on the television. We have finished a bottle of wine and Johnny called for beers this time. When the door chimed, he quickly answered which left me and Sirius in the living room alone.

I smiled at him while wiggling my brows teasingly. "Johnny is my best friend now."

He sneered and took a swig on his wine glass. "I can see that. Good for you. Remember when you took the Vogue cover magazine from me?"

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