STBS: chap 63


We had a long fun night playing truth or dare together. By three in the morning, we were done with the whole box of beer and my head and vision were already spinning. I abandoned the floor and laid my drunkenness on the couch, leaving the other two sprawled on the coldness of the tiles. Sirius and Johnny were just as drunk as I am. The first had his head leaning sleepily on the sofa while the latter was just sprawled all over the floor, snoring lightly.

I chuckled, my vision spinning harder and my head feeling heavier than ever. I felt Sirius moved his head against my leg and I looked down on him and found his sleepy eyes watching me. There's a tiny smile dancing on his lips.

I smiled back and playfully swung my leg to kick him jokingly. "What's up?" I said sluggishly.

"You're drunk," he observed and I chuckled once again.

"And so are you."

"You can take my bed. I'll sleep here on the couch," he offered but I just shook my head.

"I'll sleep where my pajama party playmates are s
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