STBS: chap 64


I fell asleep on the living room floor with my head rested on the couch. My head felt dizzy as hell from all the liquor I've consumed tonight. Johnny and Astra was dead drunk as well, and honestly, I truly enjoyed the dare game with them. Though, I wasn't sure if I'd still remember everything, and all the juicy informations we've shared to one another, tomorrow morning when I wake up.

I woke up a few hours later. My head already clears up but my body was yearning for the comfort of my mattress. I groaned in discomfort before forcing my drunken body up. I remember falling asleep with Astra sprawled on my couch but now it is empty. Though, Johnny remained dead asleep on the tiled floor, snoring lightly.

I dragged my feet to my bedroom and there I found the drunkard lady laying comfortably under the blanket of my mattress. I shrugged and approached the bed before carefully squeezing myself beside her. She was tightly clutching on the blanket after putting my air-conditioner in f
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