STBS: chap 67


I chuckled evilly to myself while watching Sirius' call disappeared on my mobile phone screen. I just texted him to request some things. And while the first request was genuine, as I really need a larger pad, the second was just to annoy him and see if he's actually willing to be of service to me.

I put my phone down and sighed comfortably, feeling the soft mattress all over my back. The aching has mellowed down after I took two tablets of pain reliever. Though, I still feel the slight sting attacking my lower abdomen from time to time.

I reached for the bottle of water on the bedside table and groaned in annoyance when I felt its absence of weight on my palm. It seems I've managed to down the whole container not even an hour later.

Sighing, I swing my legs out of the bed and trotted my way out of the bedroom with the water container in my hand. I was already outside the door when I remembered I could've just texted Sirius to fetch me something to drink. I shrugged, and find m
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