STBS: chap 88


I glanced at Astra beside me. We’re at the dive bar and drinking for a bit. But it seems to me that she’s not very good in handling her alcohol. My forehead creased watching her eyes blinking slowly.

“Dumb bitch. Go home,” I whispered to her after taking a sip on my canned beer. Why did she even have to tag along with me?! I’m here to find myself a guy right now! She shouldn’t be getting in my way! Now I’m sure everyone here thinks she’s my girlfriend!

I snatched the beer in her hand and grabbed her on the arm, getting up on my sit. “Let’s go, I’m walking you back to our villa. Go to rest now.”

“That sounded dark,” she joked chuckling, and just letting me drag her without any protest. “You’ll come back here?” She asked as we finally stepped out of the bar.

I shook my head as I glanced at the louder pub just two shops away from the bar. There’s a dance club, too. That’ll be my target.

“No. I’m going to see the club.”

She giggled and clung onto my arm, a gesture she’s alwa
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