STBS: chap 91


"Goodness! Wake up!" I groaned sleepily before forcefully opening my eyes to find Astra glaring hard at me.

"Get up and move to your own sleeping space which is the floor. I already made your bed, your majesty. Now move away 'cause I would like to rest," she demanded with a hard glare.

"Huh?" I said absentmindedly as I was too consumed by sleepiness. "What time is it?"

"It's one! The nurse just left to check on Dad. And you slept throughout the third episode! Remind me to kick your ass in the morning."

"Oh, please. Cringey ass show," I mumbled as I groggily get off the sofa and straightly launch myself on the floor where my bed mat and pillows are already waiting for me.

"You're welcome, dummy."

"No probs."

It was too late. So of course, it's only reasonable I'd wake up later that morning as well. I felt disoriented and utterly shock to open my eyes to Astra's father already in his conscious form and even glaring down at me!

I quickly rose to my feet and hurried to the bathroom
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