STBS: chap 92


After all the long hardwork these past years, and the previous predicament I've entangled myself with, I've decided that a cute long month break is more than what I deserve.

I sighed deeply while sitting anxiously beside Sirius in his car. He insisted to drive me to my destination today; and the said destination is my entertainment company. This is actually a surprise visit. I never told anyone, not even Matteo, that I'm coming today. I would like to discuss my final decision about my contract renewal.

And I hope they understand my decision, the fans as well...

"Hey! Stop sulking," Sirius said as he started the car engine. I sighed for the second time before turning to him.

"What do you think I should do after this? How do you think the fans will react once the management put out an official announcement?"

He shrugged. "Go out and have fun. For the latter question, of course, the real ones that stick with you during your darkest moment would be sad and disappointed. And it's nor
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