CHAPTER 13 -  Another Man In Her Mind


Lumaro can still visibly describes to himself the she-wolf in his dream last night. If she is his mate, he did not know how he could take her when she is in her wolf form. But she is beautiful as a human; too beautiful to be rejected. A thin smile peeped through the glistening eyes of Lumaro.

“Father, it is time for me to travel again… into the human world,” Lumaro told his father the next day. He is fully decided to find the woman in his dream. He sat on the chair at their Pack House’s dining hall and requested for a cup of coffee and waffles from one of their maid omegas.

His Alpha Father glanced at Lumaro whose eyes are showing some signs of excitement. “Why did you decide suddenly to travel to the human world now?”

“Because I saw her father; I saw the cursed daughter of the former Alpha and Luna of our pack,” Lumaro replied smiling.

“How?” Curiosity covered the face of the Alpha father of Lumaro while waiting for his son's reply.

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