CHAPTER 21 - Excited for His Future Luna


The next day, Grazziena went to the city together with Mel. She decided to treat his best friend for lunch as gratitude for all the help that he is doing for her. He is such a friend who would do anything to support her in all her endeavors. Aside from that, she wanted to tell her what truly happened between her and Governor Draeko, who is now her boyfriend.

Mel chose a pizza restaurant inside the mall. He ordered pasta, vegetable salad, and two rounds of regular pizzas of different flavors.

While they were eating already, Mel asked, “Now tell me about Sweetheart.” Mel said without mentioning the name of Governor Draeko. Their code name for him is Sweetheart.

With twinkling eyes, Grazziena told Mel what happened in an almost whispering manner, afraid that someone might hear them.

“OMG, slut,” Mel shrieked teasingly and Grazziena laughed.

“I don’t know Mel, but, I was not able to resist him because I really like him,” Grazziena affirmed an
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