CHAPTER 42 - Midnight with Draeko


By eight o’clock in the evening; Governor Draeko and Grazziena have been served by the mansion’s Mayordoma with all of Grazziena’s favorite dishes, from seafood to chicken plus her favorite avocado flavored ice cream as a dessert.

Grazziena wanted to laugh; she is like a prisoner who is about to be taking her last supper before she will take her seat on the electric chair for her execution. Yes, it is as if, her heart will be electrified because she knew, losing Draeko might be the death of her heart; the death of her as a whole.

Grazziena glanced at the food on the table but she could not start to eat.

“Sweetheart, don’t you like the food? They are all your favorites right?” Draeko asked worriedly.

Grazziena nodded. “They are all my favorites Draeko; it is not about the food. Don’t mind me.”


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