Chapter Nine

They made it to the tavern with no trouble and Jasper sighed a deep sigh of relief when they had their plates of food in their hand along with their jars of juiced fresh berries. 

They ate in silence. But then, Silence had been their company since the kiss they had shared earlier. Neither of them had wanted to bring it up, didn't know how to. 

They broke camp that morning and spoke at intervals, and even then, their conversation centered around what paths they would be taking, and since Jasper was the man with the map, he did most of the talking while she nodded. she mostly nodded.

"Good food." He said trying to break the ice. But He didn’t succeed. 

She nodded again and went back to her plate of fish and chips. 

He wanted to groan in frustration, but decided against it. it didn’t think it would yield any good.

 In any case, it was for the better no one heard her voice, regardless of the sweet femininity

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