Chapter 35. Prince Vincent VS Alpha Ace

* Prince Vincent *

"Tell me your majesty, what is it that you really want for coming here? This is a very rare happening that a guest as important as you came to visit us, even your own father has only came here once."

The smile on his face is without humor when his eyes turned towards me. We were sitting beside a small table and each of us is holding a glass of wine.

"I won't take too long of your time Alpha Ace, I know you are a busy man. My father sent me here to learn about a family of wolves who's been cast out from your pack and took refuge in the human territory."

There, I said it like it was a normal thing to do. I held my head and watch what his first reaction on the news.

"Hmmmm, let me think for a minute."

His lips shut as he put the glass back in the table, leaning his back against the comfort of his chair. We both know what the actual reason of my visit is, I'

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