Chapter 61. Back Home

* Prince Vincent *

"Let us take him to his chambers immediately!"

I heard the voice coming from the old wizard as soon as our car halted on the parking of the Langston Palace. I know that he will come all the way as soon as he heard through the mind link that I am injured. I have confidence that Maleficus can heal me if he learns about the poison in my body and at this moment he already knew.

"Right away wizard Maleficus!"

Alex answers while he takes most of my weight over his shoulder and help me out of the car.

"No need to grab me like a child, I can take care of myself!"

To be seen helpless in the eyes of my warriors and not to mention the scent of my father getting near, made me use my remaining strength in trying to keep myself stood still and avoid the help of my friend.

"Welcome home my son! I know you will come victorious just like the rest of your trials! T

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