Chapter 9: Corpse

“Is this the vampire you spoke of?” A woman with light blonde hair questions the werewolf who hired her.

The vampire is slumped down on the ground, her back leaning on the brick wall. The hunters placed a shackle on her bony limbs with its chain attached to the walls. Her eyes were closed and sunken, indicating that it's been a while since she feasted properly on human blood. Her black hair is in a mess and her skin looked pale. Overall, it seemed like she was closer to the brink of death.

“Did you perhaps use a hallucinogen on her?”

The vampire mutters, “Master, forgive me.”

‘So she has a master. This person fell victim to the schemes of the higher-ups.’ the witch thinks.

She squats behind a yellow line where the werewolf told her was a safe zone, feeling uncomfortable with her jeans. Sighing, she complains internally, ‘I should have worn something more comfortable. Why did Zinnia even set me up with this job?’

The g

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