Chapter 14: Panic

The following day Bjorn awoke to the long rumbling bellows of the ship’s horns as a smaller vessel moored to the Pacer.

He rushed out half-fit for public attendance, planning to catch Crystellia before she went on her way. But when he reached the lowered loading ramps, she was not in the line. Either she had already crossed to the other vessel or was still making ready to leave. He lifted high and flew through the ramp tunnel, passing above several families but knowing none of them. The switchover involved too many people.

He decided to search the other vessel, but an angry ship's officer compelled him to land as he exited the tunnel. He explained himself, and when the officer lifted his boarding list and offered to check names, Bjorn faltered. He had forgotten Crystellia’s last name.

“Sorry, young lord,” the officer said. “Without more details, I can’t help you. Neither can I permit you to ramble over here.”

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