Angelo walked into Monalisa’s office and met her applying a black nail polish on her fingernails as she happily hums.

‘Boss’ Angelo called while Lisa raised her head to listen to what he had to say.

‘It’s about Asher, the merchant we sell guns to’ Angelo says standing while Monalisa goes back to polishing her nails.

‘Asher’ Lisa says trying to remember who he was ‘is he the dude with a weird haircut who runs the underground black market in a dark alley’

‘Yes, boss’ Angelo replied

‘Arghh, what did he do this time’ Monalisa asks sighing dramatically.

‘Well he purchased a set of unique guns and he signed our contract’

‘I know that just get to the point’

‘He breached the contract, he sold the guns to our rising rival’ he said through gritted teeth.

‘so he sold the guns to those red bulls’ she said cackling manically ‘but him in our black list, ban the sales of gun to him and his fellow merchant friends, and tell our


i hope anyone reading this story enjoys it, criticism is allowed, so please comment on how ou feel about this book

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