‘Angelo’ Lisa yelled angrily while the maid trembled and quickly knelt down silently sobbing, she suddenly sighed tiredly remembering that she had sent him on an errand.

‘I’m so sorry ma’am, am sorry’ the maid apologized whimpering. Lisa stood up from the chair and walks toward the maid, she stares at the maid for some seconds and she kicks the maid on her stomach making the maid screech in pain.

‘You’re fired and get the hell out of my office’ she yelled making the maid hurriedly leave her office sobbing loudly. She sighed loudly and stood outside her office waiting for Angelo, she wanted to tell to get another maid to clean her office, she really needed a body guard besides he was her assistant not her bodyguard.


Monalisa came out of a white G Wagon which was parked in front of a restaurant and it was an Italian restaurant, she wore a lace blue evening gown and

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