Chapter 32.1

Juno and Julo said goodbye shortly. Clarendon has become quiet also, and Jena here in my side was obviously drunk, because maybe she was very good in drinking alcohol, even how many bottles of wine it is.

I was not prepared, I was actually too surprised when Jena suddenly kissed me, that time I only felt the anger, Luna with that Kristoffer keeps on echoing in my mind, so I also kissed back Jena.

"Clarkson," I heard Clarendon said my name, but I still continue kissing Jena, because fuck! I don't know how to feel anymore, if it feels like I am going to kill someone now, and that was that fucking Kristoffer man, but then I was stan when Luna pulled Kristoffer'w polo collar and kissed her as well.

"Fuck, I miss this babe." I watched how she closed her eyes, just continuing to kiss Kristoffer, while her hands caressed his nape. I was trembling in fury, Clarendon guarding through my side when I got up from sitting immediately, my hands were already

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