Chapter 20

"But, I can't stop and just forget all my plans Clarkson. I shouldn't be wasting any time," was my response to everything he said. Is it true, thinking that I might going to stopped my plan and revenge seems like I was making my promised to my parent be broken.

 "Do you think your time is not wasted, in constantly finding and fighting them, but you are always frustrated and defeated?" I was not silent, I was thinking about what he said. I looked at him again as he stepped again and the remaining distance between us disappeared. Those words of him seems like a bullet for me.

 "It's either you accept my condition or I will refuse to train you and say all the ideas I knew about werewolves." I winced, I was even trampled because I had no choice but to accept what he wanted

 "Fine! Just in the summer ah?" He smiled at me.


 When he le

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