Chapter 57

The bedroom door was pushed open, and Archie didn't turn on the light. He held Emma in his arms and walked straight to the bed.

Her movements were very gentle. Once she touched the bed, Emma narrowed her eyes and took the initiative to let go of the hand around his neck.

Archie was stunned. He heard a small voice thanking him, "Thank you!"

Immediately after, Emma, who was extremely tired, turned over and hugged the blanket, continuing to sleep.

Archie's handsome face stiffened. This woman actually pretended to sleep all the way? It was such a waste for him to carry her, little liar.

However, to be able to let her sleep quietly in his arms, this could be considered a huge improvement.

Thinking about it this way, the resentment in his heart that he had been toyed with by her could be considered a huge improvement. Inexplicably, it dissipated. He turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

Emma heard the door closed and finally sat up

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