Chapter 71

Emma sat on the sofa with her pillow in her arms. Her mind was filled with thoughts of what had just happened. The atmosphere downstairs was tense.

Archie's father was furious at first glance. He did not know how Archie would explain in order to get his understanding and forgiveness.

It was really sad when he thought about how he had never seen the elders of the Grafton Family after marrying into the Grafton Family.

She was lost in her thoughts. The bedroom door was pushed open from the outside. The tall figure of a man stood at the door. His gloomy eyes were glued to her body.

Emma was shocked and quickly stood up. She hugged the pillow tighter in her arms.

"Is your father very angry?" She could not help but ask him.

She didn't know what was going on. She just wanted to know what had happened downstairs.

"Yes!" Archie replied plainly, and Emma trembled again.

"Then how did you explain it to your father?" Emma continued to ask

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