Chapter 93

Warm water droplets flowed over her slender and snow-white body, warm and moist. Emma held the towel with both hands. Her heart was pounding.

When she thought of the feeling of living a life worse than death, she could not help but shiver. Archie's physical strength was too good, and he was using a different method to torture her.

"It's almost half an hour. Are you planning to sleep in there?" Through the sound of water, the man's voice was filled with dissatisfaction.

Emma then realized that she had been drenched for too long and her skin was red. She quickly turned off the water and dried the towel to clean it.

After taking out the nightgown, she found that she only brought a single robe in. There were no undergarments or underwear.

Her whole body trembled again, but. . . She had never planned to stay in a hotel. Who would bring their personal clothes out when they had nothing better to do?

A bitter expression appeared on her small face. E

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