Chapter 105

Of course, Archie was worried about his grandfather's illness. He quickly said to Mrs. Herma, "Is grandfather's illness more important? Did you invite a doctor to come and take a look?"

Mrs. Herma knew that young master was giving her respects. No matter how big or small Old Master's condition was, he would ask the doctor to report it to him at any time, and then find time to accompany him for two days. It was the same no matter how busy he was.

"It's not a serious illness. It's just that the cold wind in the garden last night was a little cold. I already give him medicine, but he doesn't want to eat it. I want to call the doctor, but he won't let me call and just say that he wants to see you. Young master, what do you think. . ."

Archie's eyes were slightly stunned. Then he said in a low voice, "I know. I will go and see him tonight."

"Then I will go and reply to old master. Oh, young master, There is one more thing that old master has told me. Although

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