Chapter 113

The car continued to drive in the direction of the Grafton Family, and Emma's mind became even more confused. This man's words had stirred up her memories of the past, the past that she had been bullied at.

That's right. Why was she so easy to bully at that time? In the future, if anyone dared to bully her like that, she would definitely not agree.

Outside the living room of Grafton Family, a domineering sedan was parked at the door. Archie's car circled around and drove into the garage. He frowned slightly and said, "Yoseph came so early?"

Emma only then turned around to look at the car. Was that Yoseph's car?

It was not dark yet, so he came early.

After parking the car in the garage, Archie was the first to get out of the car. Emma, however, was in a very bad mood.

Forget it. At this point, she could not back down. She wanted to see if Yoseph would tell her what had happened between the two of them.

Archie stood at the garage door a

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