Chapter 119

Along the way, Archie was as happy as if he had won a prize. Of course, even if he had won the prize, he wouldn't feel as happy as he was floating in the clouds right now.

When he found out that Emma was different from other girls, he felt as if he had been hit hard by something. He even had childish doubts. Did he lose his male charm and think that he had lost his male charm? Was Emma's brain lacking a fundamental sutra?

In the end, he found the answer from the pride and confidence he had built up since he was young. It turned out that there was a kind of woman who did not pursue vanity and did not cling to influential people. They could live happily in their own world. The most precious thing to them was that pure heart.

Archie knew that if he wanted to take this pure heart for himself, he could not only buy it with money, but also with sincerity and patience. Fortunately, he already had this woman in his heart. Otherwise, if it was another woman. . . With his

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